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Seinfeld And Superman - The Interview

A Seinfeld and Superman commercial - this time it's an interview. I love these commercials....

Views: 11807 Category: Seinfeld Rated: 1
Lost Bloopers

Best Bloopers you could see on LOST...

Views: 11795 Category: Lost Rated: 2.61
Sex And The City & The Matrix PARODY

A great parody i found. Carrie is hilarious!!!...

Views: 10122 Category: Sex and the City Rated: 1
Al Bundy and fat women

Al Bundy has some problems with a fat lady! Very funny scenes of Married with Children!...

Views: 14467 Category: Married..with children Rated: 2445
Mad TV - Heroes Parody

Mad tv and one of the best parodies: HEROES! it can't get funnier...

Views: 10124 Category: Heroes Rated: 1
Sex and the city bloopers

Best Bloopers in Sex and the City! Hilarious!...

Views: 23650 Category: Sex and the City Rated: 1
Al Bundy at the Dentist

Joe Flaherty as Dr. Plierson and Traci Lords as the dental hygienist. FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY!...

Views: 11930 Category: Married..with children Rated: 1
Sexy wild scene from Friends

Hilaroius scene. Jennifer Aniston takes her bra off. ...

Views: 33912 Category: Friends Rated: 1
Friends Top Moments Part 1

The most funniest moments of different friends episodes...dis is just part 1...

Views: 9613 Category: Friends Rated: 2.63
Lost: Season 4 - Fan Trailer

This is a fan trailer of the fourth season of the tv-series 'Lost', which premiered February 2008 on...

Views: 7773 Category: Lost Rated: 1
Sex and the city - Deleted scene 7

Carrie in Paris. A very funny scene. Carrie tries to explain something in french :))))...

Views: 9326 Category: Sex and the City Rated: 1
Desperate Housewives SNEAK PEEK

Desperate Housewives 4x16 ( 416 ) and 4x17 ( 417 ) Sneak Peek 4x16 ( 416 ) and 4x17...

Views: 7935 Category: Desperate Housewifes Rated: 1
CSI: Miami - Strip Club Lap Dance

A bride's strip club lap dance holds the key to a murder...

Views: 13915 Category: C.S.I. Rated: 0.95
Humor in the CSI Lab

Just a little CSI humor. Funny scenes...

Views: 8552 Category: C.S.I. Rated: 1
Friends s10 bloopers

Friends Season 10 bloopers (part 1 of 2)...

Views: 7635 Category: Friends Rated: 1
Friends s10 bloopers

Friends Season 10 bloopers (part 2 of 2)...

Views: 7964 Category: Friends Rated: 1
Greys season 3 Bloopers

Best Funny scenes and bloopers from the 3rd season. Enjoy it!...

Views: 6227 Category: Grey's anatomy Rated: 1
Heroes - When Peter Explodes

Scenes: How Stop An Exploding Man (1x23). Music: Yann Tiersen (Amelie Soundtrack)....

Views: 6873 Category: Heroes Rated: 1
Desperate Housewives S1E19 - Dinner with Andrew

Segment where Bree and Family sit down with the pastor to discuss Andrew's feelings about being gay....

Views: 6441 Category: Desperate Housewifes Rated: 1
Friends bloopers seasons 8 and 9

this is halarious! i love friends! this is the best...

Views: 6860 Category: Friends Rated: 1

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