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Roger has a date!

Ugly girl wants to be Rogers girlsfriend. ˝woooooow....u had a boyfriend??˝ hilarious!!!!...

Views: 9061 Category: American Dad Rated: 1
The Simpsons - What's A Gym

Homer finds out what a Gym is....

Views: 10962 Category: Simpsons Rated: 1
Garfield - The Record Breaker

A great episode from "Garfield and friends". Somebody is falling in love :))))...

Views: 6687 Category: Garfield Rated: 1
American Dad Volume Three

From Seth MacFarlane, the twisted comedic mastermind behind Family Guy, comes another outrageous ani...

Views: 9522 Category: American Dad Rated: 1
Tom and Jerry kids show

Hard To Swallow...

Views: 8176 Category: Tom & Jerry Rated: 1
The Saddest Scene - Sailor Stars

This is one of the saddest moments from Sailor Moon, which always makes me cry... ...

Views: 5632 Category: Sailor Moon Rated: 1
Smitten Kitten - Tom and Jerry

A very cute episode from Tom and Jerry! They rock!...

Views: 7814 Category: Tom & Jerry Rated: 1
Two stupid dogs - Jerk!

Very funny as usual! You have got to see this...

Views: 5614 Category: Two Stupid Dogs Rated: 1
Pinky and the Brain - Battle for the Planet

Pink and Brain imitate H.G. Wells and his radio broadcast of War of the Worlds....

Views: 6630 Category: Pinky and the Brain Rated: 1
Two Stupid Dogs - Red

This is the very 1st episode of the series. Wow..........

Views: 5493 Category: Two Stupid Dogs Rated: 1
Family Guy - Democracy Kicks In

Private Stewie and Brian try to get discharged from the army....

Views: 11808 Category: Family guy Rated: 1
Funny Dexter's Lab Scenes

A Few Funny Scenes From The Old Cartoon Dexter's Laboratory...

Views: 5029 Category: Dexter's Laboratory Rated: 1
2 Stupid Dogs - Seeing Eye Dogs

Episode entitles "Seeing Eye Dogs". They become blind dogs for a temporary blind guy. Fantastic Cart...

Views: 5376 Category: Two Stupid Dogs Rated: 1
FAMILY GUY funny and painful clips

A few scenes you have to see!...

Views: 11882 Category: Family guy Rated: 1
Funny Sailor Moon Part 6

As funny as jokes can be in Japanese. Well done ;)!...

Views: 4814 Category: Sailor Moon Rated: 0.98
Garfield and Friends - Good Mousekeeping

Garfield is a good mousekeeping......

Views: 5136 Category: Garfield Rated: 1
The Karateguard

A cute scene from "Tom and Jerry". ...

Views: 4954 Category: Tom & Jerry Rated: 1
Happy Tree Friends - I Get a Trick Out of You

Lumpy reveals his death inducing magic tricks to the Happy Tree Friends gang! ...

Views: 8155 Category: Happy Tree Friends Rated: 1
aristocrats south park

this is a random video of cartman making a dirty joke ...

Views: 7957 Category: South Park Rated: 1
Dexter's Laboratory-Star Trek

one of the best episodes ever :)...

Views: 6057 Category: Dexter's Laboratory Rated: 1

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