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Just for Laughs- A Worm Meal

A man eating worms in front of people on the street! ...

Views: 9866 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
Thirsty Monkey

This monkey decides to impress the onlookers and urinates into his own mouth. Glorious....

Views: 8151 Category: Animals Rated: 1
Seinfeld And Superman - The Interview

A Seinfeld and Superman commercial - this time it's an interview. I love these commercials....

Views: 12348 Category: Seinfeld Rated: 1
Worlds Best Tricks Volume

Compilation of some of the worlds best tricks, stunts, flips, twists & extreme moves performed by th...

Views: 11147 Category: Sports Rated: 1
Celebrities On Vacation

The video of celebrities on vacation: Jennifer Aniston, Pamela Anderson......

Views: 14944 Category: Celebrities Rated: 1.16
Funny Golfer Sexsy Prank

The golf teacher wants to see your best moves. What do you do? :)))...

Views: 37805 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
Lost Bloopers

Best Bloopers you could see on LOST...

Views: 12367 Category: Lost Rated: 1.64
GP Moto crash 1

Best crash scenes with moto! ...

Views: 12218 Category: Sports Rated: 1
Great Italian Motorbike Display

Fantastic film of Italian police riders putting on a motorbike display in the 50s....

Views: 12411 Category: Sports Rated: 1
Crash Compilation Part 1

A mix from various accidents and crashes...

Views: 9735 Category: Sports Rated: 1
The Crash Compilation

A compilation of amazing car and motorbike crashes that I edited. For those who may be concerned, al...

Views: 12294 Category: Sports Rated: 1
LIVE Bloopers

A very funny compilation of bloopers Live on TV...

Views: 12356 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
Most Outrageous Moments On The News

The funniest collection of bloopers from the news....

Views: 13197 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
Kobe jumps over a speeding car (Aston Martin)

Kobe jumps over a speeding car (Aston Martin)...

Views: 11440 Category: Sports Rated: 0.89
Madonna - Give it 2 Me

New cool video of Madonna! Oficial Video...

Views: 8298 Category: Music videos Rated: 1
Live TV Blooper

Silly journalist blooper LIIIIVE! You shouldn't miss this one!...

Views: 12949 Category: Cartoons Rated: 0.93
Wild Police Chase With An Insane Ending

Wild police chase video with an insane ending! This is not a smart thing to do. ...

Views: 19917 Category: Police Rated: 1
Best Goal Celebrations

Goal are great, but what comes after absolutly unbeliveble!!! SO FUNNY!...

Views: 8654 Category: Cartoons Rated: 1
Madagascar 2 The Crate Escape TRAILER

All the loveable characters are back -- Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Glori...

Views: 10818 Category: Comedy Rated: 1
Incredible face plant

Idiot tries to breakdance but fails miserably...

Views: 26765 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1

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