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Jelena Jankovic, Put Your Panties on

Jelena Jankovic, show us how you put your panties on!...

Views: 19522 Category: Celebrities Rated: 1
Funny Dexter's Lab Scenes

A Few Funny Scenes From The Old Cartoon Dexter's Laboratory...

Views: 10332 Category: Dexter's Laboratory Rated: 1
The Magic Bed

Sweet illusion where the magician gets into to bed and transforms into a woman....

Views: 9708 Category: Science Rated: 1
Simon's Cat 'Let Me In!'

A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to get indoors....

Views: 8360 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
Imagine Me & You International Trailer

Starring Piper Perabo, Lena Headey and Matthew Goode. The perfect couple until SHE falls in love wi...

Views: 9399 Category: Romantic Rated: 1
Wall-E Trailer

Hollywood 411 gives you a sneak peak at the most anticipated animated movie of the summer - Disney P...

Views: 11053 Category: Comedy Rated: 1
Funny Cats

More cats doing funny things....

Views: 8122 Category: Animals Rated: 1
Saw 5-Movie Trailer

Saw 5-Movie Trailer will be released on October 24, 2008....

Views: 9869 Category: Horror Rated: 1
Al Bundy at the Dentist

Joe Flaherty as Dr. Plierson and Traci Lords as the dental hygienist. FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY!...

Views: 12619 Category: Married..with children Rated: 1
Animal Instinct

The best animal bloopers seen on TV....

Views: 8614 Category: Animals Rated: 1
Luxuries Cars Crashes

Photos of super cars crashed. SOOO PAINFUL FOR MY EYES!...

Views: 14458 Category: Sports Rated: 1
Freaky Women In An Elevator

Imagine you walked onto an elevator and beautiful women were acting freaky. How would you react? I k...

Views: 17623 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
Most Unbelievable Crashes Ever!!!

This is a great compliation the the most unbelievable crashes ever seen before!!! ...

Views: 19860 Category: Sports Rated: 1
Stupid people and funny bloopers!!!

i would like to personally thank the stupid ppl that made this video possible!...

Views: 16162 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
Crazy animals

Very funny video with clips of animals. Song is from System of a Down...

Views: 10003 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
Sexy wild scene from Friends

Hilaroius scene. Jennifer Aniston takes her bra off. ...

Views: 34683 Category: Friends Rated: 1
Canadian Street Performer

This street performer in Montreal Canada has got some sick skills with a giant hoop!...

Views: 11946 Category: Sports Rated: 1
Funny and Painful Bloopers

Funny moments, Painfull scenes, cats dancing, people getting hurt! ...

Views: 12146 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
Air Craft Accidents

A lot of Aircraft accident with some cool music to spice it up...

Views: 12060 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
Hilarious Hot Chick Dancing In A Club!

Hilarious hot chick dancing in a club has a nasty accident!...

Views: 11580 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1

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