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The Simpsons-Funny Moments Season 18

A funny compilation with the best moments! HILARIOUS!...

Views: 11556 Category: Simpsons Rated: 1
Family Guy - Escaping the Womb

Stewie writes in his journal about how he came to be....

Views: 11934 Category: Family guy Rated: 1

Banned commercial for centrum vitamins! CRAZY!...

Views: 14327 Category: Commercials Rated: 1
Weird, Crazy, Stupid and Funny Car Crashes

A compilation of some very weird, crazy, even insane and funny car crash scenes that will keep you w...

Views: 13466 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Official Trailer

A cute, romantic comedy with a beautiful blonde, a smart brunette and a nice man that tries to forge...

Views: 11155 Category: Comedy Rated: 1
Worst Goalkeepers

Top 10 of the World worst Goalkeeping blunder...

Views: 11387 Category: Sports Rated: 1
How to make Hot Ice!!! Crazy

crazy experiment turning a liquid to a solid with just a touch.. amazing...

Views: 7865 Category: Science Rated: 1
Funny Japanese Pranks

A collection of hilarious pranks from Japanese TV. (Some are really good with great reactions.)!!...

Views: 9794 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
Ashlee Simpson (ft Timbaland) - outta my head (ay ya ya)

And all I hear is ay ya ya ya ya/ You're talking way too much/ I can't even hear me now/ All your no...

Views: 7909 Category: Music videos Rated: 1
The Painted Veil Trailer

The Painted Veil is a 2006 film directed by John Curran and stars Naomi Watts, Edward Norton, and L...

Views: 9929 Category: Drama Rated: 1
Best Of Most Outrageous TV Moments

Funniest moments you could ever see on tv!...

Views: 8094 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
Top 5 Bud Light Commercials

The best Bud Light commercials. Hilaroius!!!...

Views: 13132 Category: Commercials Rated: 1
Happy Tree Friends - Off The Hook

Lumpy snags Russell...hook, line and sinker!...

Views: 9585 Category: Happy Tree Friends Rated: 1
Hilary Duff on American Dad!

Stan forcing Hilary Duff to have a date with Steve. very funny :))...

Views: 12186 Category: American Dad Rated: 1
Fat woman exercising

I dont know how this woman could let herself be taped. very selfconfident....

Views: 20238 Category: Sports Rated: 1
Scary Movie 4 Bloopers

The funniest mistakes i have ever seen on Scary Movie 4 :))...

Views: 8403 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
What Happens In Vegas - Trailer

Two strangers (Cameron Diaz and Aston Kutcher) awaken together to discover they've gotten married fo...

Views: 10662 Category: Comedy Rated: 1
Funny sexy prank in gymnasium

The cutest prank with silly guys and a woman with no bra...

Views: 10514 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1
A mix of pole vault

Best moments, funniest moments... Champions and losers! Hilarious...

Views: 10020 Category: Sports Rated: 1
Jim Carey Bloopers

Funny Bloopers from Jim Carey!!! :DDD Enjoy!...

Views: 10770 Category: Funny clips Rated: 1

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